I Am The Sea

15 06 2012

Blue Tang

A photo I took while snorkeling off Cat Island, Bahamas in 2006.

I plunge into the sea

And find myself

I am there

Among the sargassum

Swimming with blue tang

My breath an echo

Constant as the surf

I am there

Dissolving into sun beams

Buried in rippled white sand

With the eagle ray

until a shadow floats over me

and I burst forth

I am there

MR 6/12





3 responses

15 06 2012

I had the chance to go snorkelling in Hawaii – I will never forget it! Lovely photo and lovely words. *sigh* Wish I were there right now… 🙂

15 06 2012

Hi Melody,
Thanks for commenting on my poem and photo, and for sharing your snorkeling experience! It’s one of my favorite things to do. My favorite place to snorkel off the beach is in Bahia Honda State Park. Check it out of you ever visit the Keys!
Merlou (illucidation)

15 06 2012

I don’t travel nearly as much as I would like – but would love to check that out! Thanks!

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