Inspiration Sunrise

1 07 2012

A faint glow on the horizon  greeted us this morning as we headed out early for a sunrise picture taking expedition.  We drove across the 7-mile bridge in the muted pre-sunrise light, and reached our destination after a short walk down a rocky slope and around a natural sea shore trail.  The Zoe dog was in her element, sniffing the decaying sea grasses, rolling in smelly detritus, and sneaking her lapping tongue into salty waves.  She delighted in ignoring our warnings as we attempted to set up our tripods while keeping an eye on her explorations.  She really tried to be a good dog, until, sensing our distraction with camera equipment, she couldn’t resist bounding off down the beach.  Our calls fell on deaf-doggy ears, and we were forced to abandon the serious business of photography and go into doggy retrieval mode.  She bounded back and forth past us, tongue lolling and eyes sparkling with fun, wheeling and bounding by again.  Finally, after several fly-bys, her energy flagged, and she remembered what stay meant.  I snagged her wet, sand-covered leash and she meekly followed me back to my camera, where I commenced shooting the sunrise.  The cloudy horizon wasn’t what I had in mind when this photo shooting trip was conjured, but it turned out okay.  The beautiful island morning inspired me, and the joy of a happy dog was icing on the cake!




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