The Purpose of Life

25 10 2013


The Purpose of Life

Seek to live well through honor and usefulness.


Vulnerability and the Authentic Self

12 10 2013

It’s a scary feeling, the sensation of opening your inner self .  The feeling  of letting people see your true spirit; the you who loves sappy romantic comedies, or who would rather eat cheese and crackers at home than to dine on a gourmet meal in a five-star restaurant.  Or even scarier, the self who follows a different spiritual path or holds to a different political belief than the one friends and family adhere to .

Exploring those differences takes courage and the willingness to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability is a feeling, a state of mind that we are all born with.  As children we float along on the surface of vulnerability, unaware of any other way, not knowing that it is possible to hide our sensitive underbellies in the depths, to disguise our true selves from the judgments of others.

Through growth and life experience, through moments of hurt or humiliation, we begin forming a shell, a mask to hide behind.  Our mask camouflages  us.  It make us fit into our place in life, fit in with the people around us;   it paints a picture of how we want to be seen by others.  Over time, years or months, or sometimes most of a lifetime, our mask starts to feel stifling.  The true self begins to chip away from the inside, until cracks form.  We reach a stage where we are willing to risk vulnerability in order to restore our authentic, real and vulnerable self.  Our mask crumbles away.

There comes a time in each of our lives when being real, when experiencing and sharing the truth of our existence, transcends  the fear of being vulnerable.  It is when we realize that experiencing a true and real existence is only possible when we are fully open to love, to ideas, to beliefs;  it is only then that we have the courage to be vulnerable. It is only then, when we fully believe, that we know a spirit unmasked is the true measure of human life.

Mean What You Say

10 09 2013

That's the (unfortunate) thing...

This quote, which I found recently, really spoke to me.  It seems our current political climate is full of politicians, pundits, and internet ranters, representing every part of the political spectrum, who no longer mean what they say, or say what they mean, at least in any kind of truthful way;  who deliberately and willfully mislead the American people by either outright lying or by cherry picking facts and details, and then spinning them to meet their own agenda.  These lies and “spins” are then presented to the public as actual facts!  And so many Americans really are decent and honest people who really do mean what they say and say what they mean, that they don’t realize the magnitude of the deceptions that are presented daily as news, in campaign speeches, and almost everywhere on the internet.  I pretty much don’t believe anything I hear anymore.  It’s such a disappointment when we no longer have places to go for honest information and real facts.  I’m sure this has been going on for a long time to some degree, but is it just me, or is the problem much worse now?  I think the speed of this downward spiral is directly related to 24 hour news channels and the internet.  The first is driven to “create” news in order to keep viewers coming back during slow news times, and to improve ratings. The latter is populated by political ranters with no real credibility, but who are masters at spreading lies and firing up people who believe the falsehoods being spread.  It’s a sad day for those in  America who mean what they say, and think everyone else does too.