Song Burst

22 03 2014

Honor the tomato

By eating it.

Revel in its ripeness

Praise its sweet pulp

Its juicy song burst

Its red or golden

or heirloom purple

Tender skin

Pierced for your nourishment

Soul food!

Digital Magazines Pros and Cons

20 09 2012

I am an avid magazine reader, and subscribe to at least 8 magazines, some digitally and some paper.

This list will compare what I see as the pros and cons of each format.

Pros of Digital Magazines:
1. My magazine always arrives on time, and in excellent condition.
2. It includes extra content, although that content is only available if I have an internet connection, which is a con.
3. I can easily carry multiple magazines on my Nook when traveling.

Cons of Digital Magazines:
1. I cannot share the magazine or articles with friends, or even with my spouse, who would read some of my magazines if they were in paper format so I could easily share them.
2. Since I bought the magazine, shouldn’t I be able to share it if I want to? (I suppose this is an extension of #1)
3. Since I subscribe through Barnes and Noble for Nook magazines, the actual publishers don’t seem to have me listed as a subscriber, therefore I am not eligible for some of the subscriber benefits listed on their web pages, such as being able to access articles on the web pages.
4. In some cases, the digital subscription is more expensive than the paper one.
5. I began subscribing to digital magazines, in part, to be more “green,” but some companies send me the paper version too!

Pros of Paper Magazines:
1. I like being able to dog-ear the pages or even tear out pages for articles I like or want to share or save.
2. I can write in and highlight content that interests me while reading.

Cons of Paper Magazines:
1. They sometimes arrive several days late, or even get lost in the mail.
2. I hate getting renewal notices in the mail constantly when my subscription does not run out for 11 months!

What do you all think?  Which version is your favorite?


Island Summer

22 05 2012

Like a long stretch of beach, the solitude of summer beckons  me.  I know from experience that the grains of minutes will go by too quickly, that my plans for relaxation and creative expression will bud, blossom and fade with the August doldrums.  Still, my excitement builds.  So many choices unfold.  Will I slip out of bed early for a sunrise stroll, or laze sleepily on soft sheets while the whirring ceiling fan stirs my dreams?  Will the sparkle  blue of the pool draw me in for some lap swimming,  or will I drag my bike down the stairs and pedal off to look for feeding eagle rays beneath the seven mile bridge?  Perhaps my kayak will invite me for a paddle among the mangroves where I’ll listen for the huffing breaths of manatees and see snowy white herons feeding in the shallows.  Hubby and I will spend weekends on photo adventures or snorkeling in clear ocean depths.  The joy of summer lies in the breadth of choices or the option of doing nothing;  in the grains of minutes that trickle and then cascade, that roil in the gentle surf, and finally come to rest on a long stretch of beach.


16 04 2012

We spent time today searching for a home; another home with more space for our growing family.  We’ve seen many different possibilities, and compared them with our current home which has many features we love.  When I think of home, it is more images and feelings that I experience, than a certain type of house.  Tropical foliage, a wide porch, a cool, open interior, fans and comfy furniture, a spacious, well-designed kitchen and soothing bedroom spaces with spa-like bathrooms are what I dream of.  A private backyard with a pool and hammock, a porch swing and perhaps a small waterfall which can be seen through double French doors from the living room.  I imagine a quiet street, walking or bicycling to shops and restaurants, and entertaining family and friends.  Some of these things we already have, but not enough bedrooms here.  I also imagine wonderful meals with friends and drinks around the pool, all of which are possible now but we rarely actually accomplish them!  I don’t really imagine who would cook the wonderful meals.  Obviously someone who has more time than me.  Still, dreams are what keep the world interesting!